Equip Your New Home With a Reliable Electrical System

Choose us for new electrical service in Palm Springs, CA

Are you building a new property? To make sure the new electrical system is installed correctly, turn to Conant Communications. We offer home wiring services in Palm Springs, CA. You can trust us to illuminate every room with fixtures that match the d├ęcor.

We only work with licensed subcontractors. Just show us the blueprints and we'll follow your plans to the letter. If we have to cut into walls to install the wiring, we'll perform dry wall repairs.

Contact us today for new electrical service in no time.

Plan for your future

Plan for your future

You may not want a home theater or multiple high-speed internet connections right now, but you could in the future. We can help you install new electrical service that will leave those options on the table. Consider the following needs that may come up in the future:

  • A home theater or whole-house audio systems
  • Cable, satellite or antenna televisions
  • Multiple computers
  • Shared high-speed internet access
  • Security or home automation systems

We'll work with you to install a system that accommodates your future electrical needs. Reach out to us right away to complete your home wiring project in Palm Springs, CA.