Updating Your Lighting Is a Bright Idea

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Lighting fixtures are an important part of any room. A chandelier in your dining room can create a classic, beautiful look. Well-placed lamps can create a cozy feeling in your living room. If you're remodeling your home, call Conant Communications to take care of the electrical work. We offer electrical installation and repair at homes in Palm Springs, CA.

After discussing your project, we'll offer you a price on our services. We'll order all of the equipment needed to complete the work. We can even install solar panels.

Contact us now to schedule our electrical installation services in Palm Springs, CA.

How to create a home theater

How to create a home theater

You can convert any room in your home into a home theater. To build your home theater, you'll need three kinds of equipment:

  1. A screen that's placed at the right distance from the seating area.
  2. Audio equipment that includes at least five speakers for a surround-sound effect.
  3. Control equipment that you can hide away in a cabinet or closet.

If any part of your home theater system malfunctions, hire us for electrical repairs. Share your home theater plans with us today to start bringing those plans to life.